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>>> Six month warranty included on parts & labor unlimited mileage<<<
                         All prices include Parts & Labor

Head Gaskets 1994 - 2014 ALL MODELS- Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback & Baja
                               Price covers N/A OR Turbocharged cars!

Overview: Engine will be removed from the car, EVERY single gasket in the engine will be replaced with OEM seals. Cylinder heads will be rebuilt, a full timing kit will be installed. OEM MLS gaskets with no coating to fail you down the road will be installed. The cooling system will be inspected for issues. The A/C will not be discharged.
                                 See warranty & installation for more details

Head gasket(s) are a major repair on any vehicle.  The mind set at Broken Boxer Repair is one and done. You do it once, you do it right, and you don't do it again. There are very few options when doing Subaru head gaskets.  The setup below has proven reliable and to provide many years of service for the small investment.

Block/Deck Checking- Checking the deck of engine for flatness is another cruical step in ensuring a quality & long last engine assembly. We have the resources & ability to have your engine block resurfaced if indeed the block surface is beyond factory specifications.

Milled/Resurfaced heads - Include a full valve job, new valve stem seals, Intake & exhaust valve spring height checked, front and rear cam seals & a valve adjustment. Heads are leak down tested prior to installation- How flat the surface is only half the battle. The other is the finish of the gasket to promote gasket sealing!

Gaskets Replaced: OEM MLS head gaskets are utilized along with an OEM Subaru thermostat + gasket. The following gaskets are replaced on every engine:  Intake, Exhaust, Throttle body, Coolant Crossover O-rings, Valve cover, valve cover grommet, Spark plug tube gaskets, Front & Rear Main seals, Oil Pan gasket + pickup tube seals. Rear Crank case cover is resealed or changed & resealed if plastic.  Also included is a set of new NGK spark plugs, along with new coolant +  oil change.

Gates or Dayco Timing Belt + Water pump are also included in every engine.
Here are a pair of heads prepped for installation. Proper machine work on a Subaru requires removal of the cams to properly clean all oil passages, and clean journals.
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